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Jul 18, 2017
Best S8 Plus Glass Screen Protector for S8/S8 Plus

Hi guys,

New Tempered Glass Screen Protector with Positioner For Galaxy S8/s8 plus.

And it has the following advantages compared with others:

1.With tray installation, you can place the screen protector as per the positioner line.We are the only seller on Amazon of this kind of screen protector at this moment .
2.Case-friendly, this S8 glass screen protector can be compatible with most phone cases, and also with a Sensitive touching
3.DO NOT fall off, after place the screen protector on your phone, press the edge of the screen protector, more firm

US ONLY!! Pls PM me,Thank you!!!  


Posted at 04:33 am by jane3gmodem
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Best Fashion Temperature and Humidity Meter for Health

Hi guys,
This humidity meter is a multifunctional temperature humidty monitor. With date, week, time, humidity, temperature, alarm clock, and back light. The backlight is a voice-controlled one, any sound can lighten the backlight. It is a perfect for travel, home and outdoor use, which is convenient to carry.

US ONLY!! Pls PM me,Thank you!!!


Posted at 04:25 am by jane3gmodem
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Sep 22, 2013
KiwiBird Two-outputs 5000mAh Portable Power Bank Test

<p>One of the great things about the KiwiBird QP5000W is that it is easy   to go portable. What is even better is that because the QP5000W <a href="http://www.szfeifan.com/doce/product-detail-73.html">portable power bank</a> can accept 5V it will work with lots of power accessories designed for mobile phones and most other digital devices.</p>
<p>This QP5000W comes wth 5000mAh li-ion battery . Today I test QYG   QP5000W 5000mAh portable power bank to figure out how long it could   power a phone running my standard battery test.<span lang="EN-US"><br>
      <img src="http://www.szfeifan.com/userfiles/z7xdx2t79ohsh1379475736.jpg" alt="5000mAh portable power bank " height="600" width="600"><br>
    The package of QP5000W includes the following accessories:</strong></p>
<ul type="disc">
  <li>QP5000W power bank</li>
  <li>Micro cable</li>
  <li>Wireless charging mat (Wimat 1) </li>
  <li> </li>
  <li><strong>This QP5000W mobile power bank has also following features:</strong></li>
<ul type="disc">
  <li>5000AmAh capacity</li>
  <li>LED power indicator</li>
  <li>Wireless charging</li>
  <li>Built-in fold out DOCK plug</li>
  <li>Charging two devices simultaneously</li>
  <li> </li>
  <li>As with most Power Banks its comes half charged. This might seem   strange but Li-on battery performance is maximised if they are stored   at 40-50% capacity. I plugged it into iPhone 4 and check out What   QP5000W can serve iphone 4.</li>
  <li>Standby time 780h</li>
  <li>Talking time: 18h (3G)/36h( 2G)</li>
  <li>Internet time:15h 3G/ 26h(WLAN)</li>
  <li>Audio time: 100h</li>
  <li>Video time :26h</li>
<strong>Result</strong> <br>
This creative mobile power bank QP5000 can charge two devices   simultaneously, with its wireless charger,people can get such high   efficience up to 99.9% without radiation, and never to worry about that   if they forget to bring the charging cable,importantly, the LED   indicator if this backup power case QP5000W can let you now the power   level at anytime anywhere. And you won’t bother that you mobile phone   will lack of power in some important occasions suddently such as a   business dating or a remote journey, and this mobile power bank assure   your life convenient and enjoyable.<br>
Szfeifan is a high-tech company which is specialized in producing ,developing <a href="http://www.szfeifan.com/doce/">mobile power banks</a>,   power case, wireless charging product for the worldwide people,depend on 12-year powerful manufacture and develop experience, szfeifan has   enjoyed a good reputation not in the domostic market but also overseas market. </p>

Posted at 12:43 am by jane3gmodem
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Aug 23, 2013
New QP10000 Portable Power Bank 10000mAh Review

<p>As  society develops ,a backup power is an absolute necessity for most people such  as business men or travellers, for most of android phones come with the large  screen, fast processor and multitasking capability, and people may do all kinds  of entertainment activities such as play games.watch movies or listen to music  in their cell phones,etc.All these activities consume a huge power, you will  become an angry bird if you run out of the juice of your iphone. For that  reason, I highly recommend getting a backup portable power bank. So today,let  me review one 10000mAh <a href="http://www.szfeifan.com/doce/product-detail-67.html" class="STYLE2">portable power bank  QP10000</a> with you , and help people out of the inconvenience of no power.</p>
<p><img width="400" height="400" src="" alt="qp10000 portable power bank" /><br />
<br />
QP10000  portable power bank is a new &ndash;released mobile power bank and it is&nbsp;light  enough to carry in&nbsp;your pocket even if you're wearing bball or running shorts. QP10000 power bank comes with&nbsp;five high-gloss colors, you  can choose any color tosa match your mood or lifestyle. Beside this, this  portable power bank also offers &nbsp;two  outputs, one output&nbsp;comes with 5V/1A&nbsp;and is mainly&nbsp;for most  usb-powered mobile devices such as smartphone, the other output is 0.1-2.4A,  you know, it is mainly prepared for tablets,iPhone5,iPad.etc.<br />
This mobile power bank comes with a Micro USB cable. And you can connect&nbsp;this&nbsp;mobile  power bank to a laptop as a power source&nbsp;to charge it . - and the cable -  in your pocket, purse or briefcase or whatever and use it to charge the phone  (using the same USB cable). <br />
Szfeifan.com  is a power bank manufacturer and wholesaler which is always dedicated to  offering superior power banks, power cases for the worldwide.Welcome to  wholesale more <a href="http://www.szfeifan.com/doce/product-default-20.html" class="STYLE2">mobile  power banks</a> with lower price here.</p>

Posted at 02:16 am by jane3gmodem
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May 9, 2013
How to Make Your Kitchen Life Easy and Interesting?

To women, kitchen means a lot, how many hours in their life do the women spend in the kitchen? To some people, cooking may be a wonderful thing while the others think it as a bothering thing? As time develops, more and more innovations start to make cooking easy and interesting. These <a href="http://www.jmwant.com/category_11118_11078_Kitchen,Dining-&amp;-Bar.html">cheap kitchen&amp;dinning accessories</a> mainly include <b>water kettles</b><b>&cups,Tabletware, cookware, bakeware</b> and so on<img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-189" alt="cheap kitchen&amp;dinning appliances" src="http://www.electmall.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/7.jpg" width="400" height="223" />. In fact, compared with the past, these cheap kitchen &amp; dinning appliances not only save our time during cooking but also make cooking life different. Two months ago, I ordered some cooking &amp;dinning appliances at JMWant, the prices of these kitchen &amp; dinning appliances are reasonable and they still work well until now. I think they are really bargains.

Don’t miss the chances to get these helpful kitchen&amp;dinning appliances at JMWant <a href="http://www.jmwant.com/category_11078_Home-&amp;-Garden.html">home&amp;garden appliances</a> supplier.

Posted at 10:31 pm by jane3gmodem
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Jan 30, 2013
These Touch Phones saving your time greatly

The past promise fans from N-GAGE start until N8, with a lot of Saipan phone system. Later, stop at the N9, because software little. In contrast, the Apple phone software openness, ease of use, user-friendly interface. Andrews later experience a SONY LT22i, QHD four-inch screen. Aircraft system is very smooth, and the software is also rich, but the disadvantage is that short, has been playing the machine or watching movies only adhere to three hours, than AMLED screen N8 and N9 worse nearly half of the standby standby.

Last September to Unicom, charging 999 yuan this XT390 contract machine. The start of these Touch Phones are not how to play the machine, it can receive calls cell phone use as a MOTO brand. 11 Golden Week Driving to northern Jiangsu, the driver and the wizard seems to be the road are confusing. My desperation, turn the phone comes with navigation software - high moral map. The result of these are smooth all the way, save a lot of time and fuel costs. Accompanied by a more than 40 brothers with Samsung Andrews about 2000, I will simply help him install a high moral map. However, there are two unsatisfactory: 1) he is moving ordinary card (non-3G), download maps need to consume a large amount of time, given a bit but can not see the map; 2) his phone and previously played LT22i standby time of these touch phones are relatively short. XT390 in navigation mode, the screen brightness adjustment to middle life time is about four hours more. view more Cell Phones at coolseason online store.

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